Mr Moss Moss & Lichen Removal Treatment

Mr Moss Moss & Lichen Removal Treatment removes moss, mould and lichen from the surfaces of Decramastic, Concrete & Metal Tile and Iron/ Coloursteel Roofs, the action of this chemical causes a slow deterioration of the Moss, Mould & Lichen on roofs, walls, paths and driveways preventing serious damage that can be caused by uncontrolled organic growth.

The chemical is a residual chemical which cleans your roof with the weathers action, guaranteed to be clean within 6- 12 months * (*dependent on shaded areas and south sides that stay moist).

If left moss, mould and lichen Will damage the roof surface of your concrete or metal roof. Once damaged the roofs integrity is susceptible to deterioration, delamination, corrosion, rust and roof leaks.

There is a solution if regularly maintained with our Mr Moss Moss & Lichen Removal or Moss Proofing Treatment your roof can maintain its integrity & street appeal for decades. It will also come with our Mr Moss written guarantee.

If you are after the instant remedy, talk to the team about our high pressure roof cleaning process, where we waterblast clean your roof to remove any Moss, Mould or Lichen, recommended to be followed up with our Moss Proofing Treatment, to prevent any future growth, this action is guaranteed for two years