Mr Moss Roof Painting

Extend the life of your Roof Signs of a deteriorating Recommended 5-step roof coating system…

At Mr Moss We believe that painting your roof should be a process that is guaranteed to last for years. We recommend a rigorous application process to ensure that the coating will last The Test of Time.

STEP 1 Inspection

Simply phone or email us and an experienced professional will come and appraise your roof’s condition, advise you of any problems and provide a free quotation.

STEP 2 Preparation

Thorough preparation is the key. We waterblast the roof to remove moss, lichen and algae to ensure it’s left completely clean and free of loose debris.

STEP 3 Repair

We do any repairs work required such as: replace cracked tiles, fix broken and cracked mortar, re screw, treat and replace corroded roofing.

STEP 4 Basecoat

Depending on whether your roof is concrete or metal tile, corrugated or colour steel, an appropriate basecoat and/or sealer will be applied.

STEP 5 Topcoat

Finally the colour you have chosen from the Wattyl Solagard colour range is applied. It may be the same as you had before or a completely new colour, the choice is yours.

Wattyl Solagard Acrylic Roof

  • Extensive colour range – including a popular range of Coloursteel® colours
  • Maximum durability – contains mica for exceptional resistance to harsh weather
  • Easy to apply – with superior flow and smoothness. Can be brushed rolled or sprayed
  • Safe on surfaces used for the collection of drinking water
  • Advanced 3rd generation technology ensures paint binds to problem surfaces like zinc
  • 15 Year warranty against flaking, blistering and peeling

Before making your final colour selection check with the team at Mr Moss for more colour information. The colours shown are as close to the actual colours as the screen allows.

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