Mr Moss Roof Repairs

Without regular maintenance, your roof is susceptible to require costly repairs in the future. Depending on your roof whether it is concrete tile, decramastic or iron, the main causes of leaks or damage are due to deterioration of your roof over time. 

It could be that:

  • The concrete mortar has separated from the hips and ridges on your concrete tile roof
  • The water channels of your concrete tile roof have blocked
  • The colour coating on your iron roof has been impaired by moss, mould or lichen and has corroded/ rusted.
  • The metal valleys in your roof have been blocked or damaged by leaves, debri and has caused corrosion.

Mr Moss maintenance program can keep your roof maintained by:

  • Giving you a regular inspection with each Moss Removal/ Moss Proofing Treatment
  • Keeping your roof in pristine condition by applying a colour coating to your concrete or iron roof.
  • Repairing the integrity of your concrete tile roof by using our Selley’s Flexipointing System to repair the ridges of your roof.
  • Providing quality repairs and maintenance to your concrete tile, decramastic or iron roof.
  • Provide you with a no obligation FREE quotation to replace/ repair your roof.