Mr Moss Flyer Special: Terms and Conditions:

Terms and Conditions:

  • When measuring your roof, the roof area is larger than your floor area, if you are unsure of your roof measurements please call us for a free quotation.
  • If your roof measurement is not mentioned on the flyer, please call us.
  • Valid for single-storey or two-storey houses, with easy roof access.
  • Not for commercial use.
  • Multi-level roofs, split-level roofs and A frame or steep roofs are not included in the special, we will come out and quote this for you.
  • Roof must have a walk-able pitch (no more than 24 degrees).
  • Does not include guttering, fascia or soffits or roof or leak repairs.
  • Valid service area is 25km from Cathedral Square, Christchurch CBD. Purchasers who live outside of the service area, please inquire directly. Travel charges of $1/km may apply outside of this area.

Moss Removal Guarantee:

Our Moss removal chemical is suitable for concrete, decorative, clay roofing surfaces, along with iron roofs and masonry surfaces.

Our chemical will clean the surface over a 12 month period, varying slightly depending on ages, type, condition of the roof and the severity of the weather.

Please note: we do not guarantee the south facing sides of the roof with a pitch of greater than 40 degrees or areas that are frequently shaded or damp areas. These sides may need to be treated half yearly to prevent the growth of moss. Please check with your applicator at the time of spraying.